by SWG Team
Refurbishment work at the village school in Kerry, near Newtown, uncovered some superb examples of quality Victorian workmanship - including an unusual lightning conductor.
by SWG team
SWG has donated £300 to the Welshpool Community Angels to help them support people self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.
by SWG team
The SWG Academy is a groundbreaking initiative to help schoolchildren work towards a new GCSE in Construction and the Built Environment, giving them a clear pathway to a career in the construction industry.
by SWG team
A surprising discovery shone a light on the fascinating history of the old bank in Welshpool, during a project to refurbish the building for a charity.
Llanfyllin High School is the latest educational establishment to commission SWG Construction for an extension - all completed with minimum fuss while the school remained open.
There’s nothing we like better here at SWG than helping out with local schemes and delivering something which everyone can be proud of.
There really can’t be anyone who hasn’t heard about Arthog Outdoor Education Centre and the wonderful activities it has provided for countless numbers of children over many years.
Leaking roofs and the resulting water damage are familiar problems we come across time and time again and we are sure you will have experienced this maddening situation at one time or another - most people have!
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to a new home built by SWG! Ok, it’s not that funny, there was more than one chicken and it wasn’t really a road...
SWG is very much a first Xl outfit but we were more than happy to become the 12th man at Welshpool Town Football Club when we signed up to be their kit sponsor for the season.