A three year check in on the SWG Academy and the future generation of construction workers
25 Oct 2022

The construction industry is desperate to bring its workforce up to strength to meet future demands and we are extremely proud of the ongoing role we are playing at SWG in helping to achieve this.

It's been three years since we launched our SWG Academy in collaboration with Llanfyllin School and to say that the venture has been a success would be a gross understatement.


We have seen 59 students take part in our course and we have watched them all grow, and many thrive.

 We are also seeing an increase in the number of youngsters wanting to get involved through the academy - including a greater number of girls.


 Robi Wood, director of learning for technology at Ysgol Llanfyllin, said: “The Academy has worked tremendously, the students have responded positively and have built a rapport with the SWG experts in each lesson.

“There is a buzz.”


Award win

The success of the SWG Academy was rewarded in the summer when we shortlisted in the education category at the national Inspiring Change Awards which recognises organisations which have created a more inclusive culture.

Needless to say, we were delighted with this recognition.

The Academy sees specialists from all parts of our company offering regular tuition to GCSE Construction and the Built Environment students - in areas such as carpentry, plumbing, electrics, plastering, tiling, bricklaying and health and safety requirements.


A range of support

We are delighted with the way it has gone - but it is also worth remembering that in addition we take on and support numerous apprentices and provide vital work experience alongside the continuing support we provide through the academy.

Investing in our future construction workforce remains a top priority for us, as it should be for all construction companies.

Nurturing, coaxing, and developing this unbelievable talent should be a no-brainer because . . .


●      It is estimated we will need to find 216,800 extra workers in the construction industry by 2025 to meet expected demand.

●      Construction industry employment fell by 0.7% in 2020 - due in no small part to the pandemic.

●      It is estimated that the industry should rally to pre-pandemic employment levels this year but the level of this growth needs to be accelerated moving forward.

●      To meet this ever-increasing demand, a fully trained, skilled and competent workforce is going to be essential.


In addition, SWG’s own Jacqui Gough has been delivering talks in Newtown and Brecon, to demonstrate how local business can work with schools and how schools can engage local businesses in collaborations.

We believe that providing the right education and workplace experience are essential elements to take full advantage of the amazing pool of young vibrant available talent and mould our youth of today into our workforce of tomorrow.