Life saving equipment installed at community hall in Newtown
20 May 2021

Whenever we complete a project we look for ways we can help the neighbourhood with a community benefit programme.

We like to offer time, tools, skills or purchase something to make a difference to people nearby. We’ve given water butts, benches, tools, car seats and floodlights, to name a few.

This is a vital part of our job and one we really value. We take time to research what is needed, speak to people about any wish list they may have and provide something that will make a difference.

That usually happens after we’ve completed a project.

However, recently our reputation has gone before us.

SWG M&E proud to help

We were contacted by people in Newtown who thought we’d be able to help. They contacted us directly asking for help with electrics because they knew we had done a lot of work in Treowen and recently refurbished flats near to the hall.

As a result, electricians from SWG M&E were proud to help wire in an AED defibrillator and AED heated cabinet at Treowen Community Hall.

This is a small but vital job and will make a huge difference to the area. We have done a lot of work in Newtown and across North Powys so it is great to help out the communities that we live and work in.

The defibrillator had been donated to the former headteacher of Ysgol Treowen Primary school, but it was thought the community hall, with 24-hour access, would be a better location for it.

An invaluable community resource

Chairperson of Treowen Community Hall, Cheryl Jarman, said: “The management committee are so grateful to SWG as the electrician costs were a saving and will mean we can invest in purchasing AED replacement pads.

“To have this resource in our community is invaluable as heart disease is a major cause of death and if we can help to save a life by having this AED defibrillator available in our community it is worthwhile.”

Charity Calon Hearts gave £100 towards the cost of purchasing the protective cabinet and a GoFundMe page has now been set up for purchasing replacement pads for the defibrillator, when needed. To make a donation, visit the GoFundMe page here.

Councillor Joy Jones added: “This is a very important piece of equipment that will be available for anyone who needs access to a defibrillator in an emergency.

“It is always great when the whole community works together for the good and the benefit of the whole area.”