New roof for well-known Newtown building
19 Nov 2019

Leaking roofs and the resulting water damage are familiar problems we come across time and time again and we are sure you will have experienced this maddening situation at one time or another - most people have!

SWG have been undertaking these jobs for some time and have a team of roofing specialists experienced in all forms of roof maintenance.


The project

The Park Offices in Newtown are a well-known focal point of the town, home to a range of council services including the registry office. They provide a base for helping and advising local people to deal with a variety of issues.

The building has historically been affected by water damage and the council felt the time was right to replace the roof - all 391 square-metres of it!

Because the building is so well-used the council wanted to keep it open for business while our team tackled the problem, so we worked with them on devising a plan where we could carry out the roof repairs as quickly and safely as possible while council staff could still carry out their vital service to the community.

This meant a great deal of thought being given to work scheduling and delivery of materials, something we are no strangers to as we have carried out many successful projects on public buildings while accommodating this particular brief.

We also have an excellent rapport with Powys County Council, and the Park Offices assignment is the latest in a line of collaborations we have carried out with the local authority. We are in the process of completely replacing the roof, which will bring new life to the building and prevent further serious water damage.

It’s a big job, but one which poses us no problems and something we have carried out many times before. When completed it will mean the building can continue to serve the people of Newtown for many years to come.