Proud to support Arthog
03 Dec 2019

There really can’t be anyone who hasn’t heard about Arthog Outdoor Education Centre and the wonderful activities it has provided for countless numbers of children over many years.

It continues to be a popular destination of choice for trips arranged by schools from all over our region every year and as well as being a great source of adventure, the centre in Snowdownia also provides the ideal location as a place of learning for students of several subjects.


The Project

We were called in to make the children’s accommodation at the centre more energy efficient and comfortable by giving the heating system a overhaul. The centre is always busy so we needed to carry out the improvements while being mindful of not causing too much disruption.

Our team was able to keep a low profile and be as unobtrusive as possible while the hustle and bustle of normal daily life at the centre was going on unhindered.

SWG was delighted to be able to help, and the improvements will be of great benefit to the centre and all who use it.

Our community is so important and something we at SWG believe should be nurtured, protected and supported as much as possible.

Arthog has a vital role to play in our community and is located in a most picturesque part of Snowdonia - something most of us living in this part of the world can sometimes take for granted - an additional attraction for centre residents with Barmouth and Fairbourne and Aberdyfi so close at hand.

The centre is a great asset and held in high regard, as evidenced by the vast numbers of children and adults who use the facilities each year. It’s a major activity centre which also fulfills the equally important role of being a location for advancing education - and we are proud to support it.