Void properties being brought back to life thanks to SWG Group
17 Sep 2021

Bringing void properties back into life is part and parcel of our work here at SWG Group.

Whether it’s construction, plumbing or electrical work, we can make any building fit to be lived in again. The building may have been void for just a few months, but in some cases it may have been years, with extensive improvements needed.

We are currently carrying out various projects across the region to bring homes up to standard and back into use for families and those that need them.

The cost implications and the reduced impact on the environment of bringing a void property back into use - in comparison to a new build - is hugely beneficial for councils, private homeowners and the environment.

In many cases void homes won’t be up to the required government specification and building regulation standards for modern-day living. 

Not only can we bring them up to standard - we can improve their eco-credentials and ease of use too. We can improve insulation, reduce energy needs and make it cheaper to run as well as making it more aesthetically pleasing too. 

We often redecorate a whole property, but what else is involved?

SWG Group is expert in assessing and carrying out structural works. This may include chimney and brickwork repairs or more complex underpinning and ground floor concrete slabs. 

On void properties we also undertake a lot of other external repair works such as replacing existing gutters and downpipes and repairing or replacing underground drainage.

Depending on how long the property has been void for and who is going to live there, we may also be required to create new paths to improve access or fit secure entry systems.

Carpentry work often makes up a large amount of the internal works needed on void properties. We also renovate bathrooms including new flooring, tiling, plastering, decoration and refit radiators throughout.

Most often, kitchens need to be completely gutted and refitted.

From big to small, we can carry out all the work needed - including simple things which make a big difference like refixing skirting and internal doors 

Besides removing the eyesore of void properties in an area and the benefit of creating a comfortable living space for someone in need of a home, SWG Group prioritises the environmental benefit of bringing buildings back into use.

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