We're delighted to get an historic building back into use and people back in jobs
15 Oct 2020

Here at SWG Group we are always pleased to bring an old building back into use.

But when that building is an iconic listed building and our transformation will see almost 80 people back in work as a result of it, we are delighted.

We have been very busy working on the Royal Welsh Warehouse, known locally as the Pryce Jones Building, near Newtown train station.

Nearly 80 new jobs

The part of the building we are working on has been vacant for 20 years and it took our staff just three and a half weeks to complete the job.

We were on site each day relaying flooring, building walls, installing electrics and ensuring adequate access routes were established. It was a huge task to complete in the timeframe but we knew we had the expertise to deliver it - and we did.

The job comes after Fashion-Enter Ltd won a contract with online fashion giant Asos to produce 20,000 garments a week and PPE for luxury clothing brand Private White VC.

Owners of the building the Potter Group, based in Welshpool, contracted us to create a new production facility there in order to allow Fashion-Enter Ltd to fulfil the deal.

As a result 77 skilled former employees of Laura Ashley will return to work there.

This iconic building was where the world's first-ever mail order business was based and we’re very proud to have been part of bringing it back into life once again.