Re-roofing Framework Contract

Framework contract to re-roof circa 300 properties to achieve Welsh Housing Quality Standards.

Work Details

Working in close liaison with the Client and tenants we embarked upon a roofing maintenance programme to ensure all tenants continue to live in good quality accommodation and properties meet the evolving Welsh Housing Quality Standard. The programme of works covered approximately 300

The works included surveys, asbestos removal, and new slate roof to complement the surrounding premises. With a competent roofer accreditation, SWG was able to self-certify each refurbishment ensuring compliance with Building Regulations within England and Wales. The distributed nature of the housing stock  necessitated sound programme management and precise project planning to make best use of resources and meet timescales agreed with the Client
and tenants.

Due the properties being in occupation, our dedicated Liaison Officer was heavily involved throughout. Covid-19 social distancing rules were complied during the works.