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At SWG M&E we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality, bespoke Air Conditioning (AC) design, installation, and maintenance service for commercial premises. Air Conditioning is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling areas. It is increasingly becoming the go to for heating and cooling in commercial buildings and increasingly in domestic and residential settings. At SWG M&E we pride ourselves on supplying and installing the most up to date energy efficient units within your budget, allowing you to improve your staff productivity and working conditions though an efficient climate-controlled heating and cooling system. We install all-mounted air conditioners, ceiling-mounted cassette units, split systems and multi systems along with supplying and installing a range of makes to suit the design and need of your installation. Whether you are looking to upgrade or install from new, SWG M&E can help. We offer CAD drawings and visual video walk throughs of your premises allowing you to visualise exactly how the product will fit into your premises. Our engineers ensure you get the best service with great value for money. We offer a free no obligation site visit, giving you confidence that we have listened to your needs and are providing you with a tailored advice and Air Conditioning design. SWG M&E Installers are certified installers, complying with the law change in July 2011.