Design & Installation

Our Projects on Design & Installation

SWG M&E provides high quality, bespoke projects across Mid Wales and Shropshire. Using up to date software, and new imaging technology we can undertake a diverse range projects of any size. Our in house Electrical and Mechanical Engineers are available to providing confidence that you have an installation which is efficient and long lasting. No design is completed without the thorough understanding of our clients needs. We will align your requirements with a tailored solution ensuring quality from design to installation to commissioning and beyond through our servicing packages. We recognise the importance of effective project management. Access to a wide team of specialists will deliver excellence in management, completing projects on time and within budget. Our Project Managers have full responsibility from start to completion of your project ensuring one point of contact and allowing effective coordination and communication across the whole project. Contact us today to speak to the team about your requirements. We will then arrange a site visit and create drawings and video walk throughs to help you visualise your product. SWG M&E prides itself on setting clear objectives and removing risk through design.