Lightning Protection

Our Projects on Lightning Protection

SWG M&E offers a wide range of lightning protection services for commercial properties across north and mid wales to help protect your property from direct and indirect lightning strikes. The right design will intercept, conduct, and disperse lightning strikes safely to earth. Our engineers will carry out a site visit to establish the need for lightning protection and what level of protection is required. A direct strike can cause enormous damage to your property, high voltage spikes and destroy electronic systems. A general design comprises of a roof network, (internal) down conductors and a ground network. This forms a Faraday cage effect, providing external protection for the building. - Upgrading - Maintenance - Remedial work - Risk assessments - Testing - Earthing An Early Streamer Emission (ESE) system is installed on buildings where the faraday cage effect is not the choice. An ESE device is installed on the roof of the building which acts as an attractant head to capture the lightning and direct it to earth. This provides an easier installation process and maintenance. - Soil resistivity testing - Exothermic welding - Surge protection Internally a lightning strike can cause a surge (increase) in voltage across electrical circuits. A general design includes the fitting of surge protection devices. This is internal lightning protection and protects sensitive electrical equipment inside the building. Primary protection is fitted to the mains incomer, and secondary protection is fitted to specific devices. - Catenary wires - Boat mast and tree earthing - New builds