Rainwater Disposal & Recycling

Our Projects on Rainwater Disposal & Recycling

Rainwater recycling is a process of collecting rainwater, typically from your roof and other large surface areas, which is then filtered and stored in a holding tank. This can be then used for non-potable (not of drinking quality) uses such as gardens, laundry, and toilets. Rainwater harvesting for commercial premises can help reduce costs by up to 50%. Rainwater harvesting industry in the UK is beginning to grow, especially in the commercial arena where the benefits and return on your investment are much greater. SWG M&E are experienced in designing and installing commercial rainwater harvesting systems. Depending on the size of your building our engineers will design a system to suit. For example, a gravity fed system for tall buildings or a large storage tank built underground which uses a pump to feed into the building. This is protected by a control panel which automatically switches the supply back to mains should your tank run dry. The UK government has legislation that new build construction must consider how they factor run off water and companies can now lock into the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme that provides funding for water efficient technologies. Most installations are covered under permitted development.