Our Projects on Renewables

SWG M&E is experienced in design, supply, and installation of renewable energy systems. Our experienced engineers can design a practical and efficient solution to meet your needs, compliant with Building Regulations Part L. Our experience covers: Electricity Solar PV Solar Panels can be ground mount, roof top or roof mounted. They convert the suns energy into direct current (DC) electricity which is then converted to an alternating current (AC) to be used in your premises, even working on a cloudy day. Wind turbines Wind turbines use wind against large blades which drive a turbine that generates electricity. These can be pole mounted (5-6kW) or building mounted (1-2kW). Hydro Hydropower systems covert potential energy from water into kinetic energy which drives a turbine to produce electricity for your premises. Micro-CHP Micro combined heat and power generates heat and electricity simultaneously. Powered by mains gas or LPG they generate electricity whilst heating your premises. Heat Ground source heat pumps Ground source heat pumps provide hot water and heating, proved to be environmentally friendly and efficient. Extracting energy from the ground, pipes are buried 1.5 meters underground and filled with water/antifreeze to warm the gas which drives the compressor to create hot water and heating for your property. The by-product cool air can be utilised for cooling spaces such as gyms. Air source heat pumps Air source heat pumps provide clean and efficient hot water and heating for commercial properties. Air source heat pumps work by extracting heat in the air which heats the gas to run the compressor, generating hot water and heating for your property. An Air Source heat pump can work down to -15C ambient air temperature. Biomass Wood fuelled heating systems burn wood pellets, chips, or logs to produce heating and hot water for your property. This is a low carbon option as the carbon dioxide emitted is equal to the amount the tree absorbed whilst growing. Solar water heating Solar thermal systems use heat from the sun to warm water. Collectors fitted to the roof collect heat and use it to heat water stored in a cylinder. Thermal stores A thermal store accumulates your heat until it is needed either as heating or hot water.