Sprinkler Systems

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Across all premises types sprinklers are 99% effective; the operational reliability of sprinklers is 94% resulting in a damage reduction of 75% in residential properties and 50% in non-residential properties. Efficiency and Effectiveness of Sprinkler Systems in the United Kingdom: An analysis from Fire Service Data (May 2017) Sprinkler systems are your best and first line of defence against fire, protecting you and your property in those precious minutes in the event of a fire, before the fire service arrive or before the alarm is raised. With three types of sprinkler delivery systems mains, boosted mains and pump and tank, any property, any location can be catered for. At SWG M&E we design and install and commission sprinkler systems in line with BS9251 and 9252 for domestic settings and BS12845:2015 for commercial properties. From January 2016 Welsh Governments Approved Document Part B detailed the new legislation for the mandatory installation of fire sprinkler systems for all new build and converted residential and domestic properties in Wales. Our fully qualified engineers install automatic sprinkler systems with the use of concealed sprinkler heads ensuring inconspicuous safety. A sprinkler system enhances an open plan design by removing the need for fire and self-closing doors. Following your installation, we offer a Sprinkler Servicing package which is vital to ensure your fire suppression system performs as expected in the unfortunate event its is called upon.