An apprenticeship success story - meet Brodie
14 Apr 2021

Here at SWG Group we’re very proud of the way we invest in apprentices and the construction workforce of the future.

We believe an apprenticeship is a valuable way of learning the skills needed to work in the industry. That is why we invested time and money in setting up the SWG Academy in conjunction with Llanfyllin High School.

We also take on apprentices in all areas of our company and sometimes that leads to a job and meaningful career.

Meet Brodie Laughlin

Brodie is 29 years old and has been with SWG Group for 13 years, starting as an apprentice and now working as a site manager.

He worked his way up and said an apprenticeship is a brilliant opportunity for those wanting to get into the industry.

“To anyone considering doing an apprenticeship, I would say do it. 100%,” he said.

“Just do it and the work will come along, if you’re good it will show and you’ll learn so much.

“I have always been a practical person and was never very academic as a student, so an apprenticeship in carpentry at SWG Group was spot on.

“Whilst college helped, you learn so much from working on site, they had me doing second fixes straight from the off, fitting kitchens, hanging doors, all the basics and foundations you need to know.

“After the apprenticeship finished I stayed with them and started doing more advanced carpentry jobs, fitting staircases and roofing, then went on to start fitting bathrooms and doing plumbing too.”

From apprentice to site manager

Brodie added: “I was handed more jobs and took on different aspects of work, getting more and more responsibility. You start working on your own and then start having people working with you - and now I’ve been a site manager for two years.

“I never thought I would end up doing this job and just kept going with everything I was offered from my apprenticeship onwards, the work was always changing and there was something different that grabbed your attention.

“You’re also working with a great bunch of people and before you know it, you’ve been there five years, then seven, now 13. I love it, I really enjoy going to work.”

Always learning

Whilst working at SWG Group the company has invested in Brodie, arranging training and courses in a variety of different skills such as scaffolding inspection and becoming a qualified SIKA roofing fitter. So his learning and progression still hasn’t stopped.

As a site manager he says it is now a ‘different kind of pressure’ where he is busy thinking about up to 20 different trades and what they have got to do each day, rather than just what you yourself have got to do.

Brodie, who lives in Welshpool, recently completed a huge job overseeing the work of re-roofing over 100 properties for Powys County Council over the last 12 months. This was part of a scheme that saw 500 roofs refitted in four years. This is one he is very proud of and has really enjoyed.

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