Apprentices - the future of our industry
09 Jul 2020

Training is something we feel very strongly about at SWG - it’s important for the future of our company and the industry we work in. We are proud of our record with apprentices and follow their career paths with great interest.

Our apprenticeship programme helps us find, train and nurture the talents which will become the very lifeblood of the industry in years to come. 

We would like to introduce you to Dan Dyke, 19, who lives near Welshpool; Tom Dunn, 21, from the Newtown area, and Ryan Bennett, 19, from Llanfair. All are apprentices with us and we sat them down for a chat, asking them to share their thoughts on training with SWG and their hopes for the future:


What university course are you undertaking whilst working with SWG?

Dan: “I am just finishing off my first academic year at the University of Wolverhampton where I am taking a BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying - Degree Apprenticeship Course.”

Tom: “I’m taking a BSc Hons Quantity Surveying.”

Ryan: “I’ve been at the University of Wolverhampton for two years and am taking HNC Built Environment.”

What experience are you gaining with SWG?

Tom: “I have worked on a wide variety of projects since starting at SWG, including flat refurbishments, planned maintenance and extensions. It helps build up my knowledge within the industry which has given me a better insight into how to deal with clients from various organisations.”

Ryan: “I agree. Working while training gives invaluable practical experience which can only stand us in good stead for the future. In my case I have learned a lot about groundworks, which I am able to put to good use.”

Dan: “As an apprentice employee for SWG I am gaining valuable experience both academically, by going to my day release lectures at the University of Wolverhampton, and by doing my day-to-day jobs as a trainee QS. I am currently the QS for one of SWG’S construction sites, which is a bungalow extension.” 

What are you hoping to do when you finish your course?

Ryan: “The aim is to focus my career on site engineering.”

Dan: “Once I have completed my course, I would like to continue working for SWG, gaining more and more experience.”

Tom: “My plan is to continue as a quantity surveyor, work towards becoming a senior in the profession and gain an RICS accreditation.”

How much help has this opportunity given you?

Dan: “This has been a really good opportunity for me because I am able to earn whilst I learn. Another bonus of doing what I do is that I don’t have any university fees. I am also able to utilise the things I learn in university and bring them into my everyday working life, meaning that I am gaining more knowledge to do my job to a better standard and vice versa.”

Ryan: “Being given the opportunity of an apprenticeship has been a big help in furthering my ambitions towards my chosen career.”

Tom: “Working alongside my studies has enabled me to gain real-world experience and obtain a better background knowledge and understanding of the job. It has also enabled me to live and work in the local area and not move away.”

What is your favourite part of the job and your course?

Dan: “My favourite part of my job is that I am able to see the progress made throughout the project. For me, it is satisfying to see a job before and after work has commenced, as I can see the time and effort which has gone into it. My favourite thing about my course is that I know the knowledge I am gaining is something I can utilise in the workplace.”

Tom: “I have enjoyed the confidence that comes from being given responsibility and being able to see direct change as a result of my actions.”

Ryan: “It’s great to see how things progress in a working, real, environment and offers the best of both worlds, really - the chance to work towards your exams while having the opportunity of on-the-job learning. It also means there is no student debt!”