Welshpool Town hits a winner with sponsorship deal
25 Oct 2019

SWG is very much a first Xl outfit but we were more than happy to become the 12th man at Welshpool Town Football Club when we signed up to be their kit sponsor for the season.

As a community team player ourselves, SWG admires the efforts of Town chairman Chris Roberts and his squad in trying to get more fans and local businesses onside with efforts to raise the profile of the club.

The club has a long history, been trophy winners on many occasions and has a goal of putting Welshpool Town right at the heart of the community on its way to achieving bigger and better things - and we are proud to be part of it.

We have developed a great relationship with the club and fully support the efforts of the chairman and his team. We understand what it takes to be successful while maintaining a leading role within the community and feel Welshpool Town has a bright future.

The club is striving to bring the fans back and that is best achieved through a sound footing and offering the right product on the field which is both entertaining and successful.

It would be wonderful to see the level of support increased and more local businesses get involved in sponsorship, everybody working together in the best interests of the club - creating a really successful team for a successful town!

The football club is an important part of the community and our team at SWG is doing all we can to encourage more people to get behind them by turning out to support games this season.

SWG is totally committed to the town, supporting local organisations and other groups and the many events that are put on for the community every year. Welshpool has been our base now for a long time and somewhere we are still very proud to call home.

So, if you are a ‘lapsed’ supporter or haven’t been along to see the team play before, why not give it a go? There are certainly worse ways of spending a Saturday afternoon!